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Miniature giant space turkeys, from space!


Actually, they're napkin rings made of birch plywood and walnut. 


I've also made three walnut turkey trivets, similar to one I've made before.  There should be a photo of that one in the gallery.




Here we have eight business card holders in various combinations of walnut, curly maple, and yellowheart. Look for these at a craft show coming up in early November.  See the Events page for more information.




I've also made six oven rack pullers in maple and cherry.  These are good projects for small pieces of scrap wood that might otherwise end up in the trash.




I began 2018 by making this veneer tape dispenser.  Nothing too fancy, but it does the job.

My next project was to build boxes around the three marquetry panels I made late last year.  


This box is walnut with the irises marquetry.  The finish is several coats of spray blond shellac followed by buffing with 0000 steel wool and wax.  




Nest, I made this maple box with the cattails marquetry.  The finish is several coats of spray satin lacquer, as I didn't want to add any color to the maple or the marquetry.





The third box is made of cherry and also finished with spray satin lacquer.  Over time, the cherry will darken to a beautiful rich orange-brown color, close to the color of the background veneer you see in the lid.





My most recent project is this business card holder that folds up and fits in a shirt pocket.  It's made of maple and walnut and has a Danish oil finish.  I plan on making some more of this to sell or give as gifts.

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